How Much Is a Head Injury Claim Worth?

Date: December 20, 2023

Head injuries are among the most severe effects of a car accident. These injuries result from some type of trauma, whether it is contact with a hard surface or your head snapping violently forward. If you have suffered a head injury, you could be eligible for significant financial compensation. You must meet your burden of proof to show that someone else should pay.

Head injuries may tend to be worth more than other types of car accident injuries. The reason is that a head injury could result in some form of brain damage. These types of injuries usually have higher settlement values in car accident cases. Your case could be worth tens of thousands of dollars, or it could be worth millions. There is a wide range of outcomes in a head injury case.

Head injuries can take much of your ability to function away from you. These injuries can be temporary, although they could require extensive rehabilitation. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may never recover completely. Either way, you can look at a long, difficult road ahead of you.

Damages of a Head Injury Claim

Your head injury settlement would pay you both economic and non-economic damages. These payments would compensate you for your injury’s actual financial costs and the impact on your life.

In a head injury case, you may be entitled to the following:

  • Medical expenses, including doctor’s care, rehabilitation, and prescription medications
  • The cost of specially fitting your home to accommodate your injuries
  • Lifecare and help with daily activities
  • Lost wages that you could have earned from working
  • Pain and suffering for the ordeal that you are going through
  • Loss of enjoyment of the life that you had before your injury
  • Embarrassment and humiliation

Pain and suffering can be the bulk of your head injury damages. If you have suffered any type of brain injury, the insurance company is usually going to multiply your medical expenses by four or five times to reach the amount of your pain and suffering. You must know how pain and suffering damages are paid because they are so high.

Do Not Settle Your Head Injury Claim for Too Little

What may seem like a large amount of money in a head injury settlement could be a drastic underpayment of your claim. The exact amount of money depends on the specifics of your injury. Just the cost of your medical care alone could be millions of dollars.

Much also depends on the insurance coverage and assets available to pay for your damages. No matter how much your case is worth, adequate coverage must be provided to pay what you deserve. If a corporate defendant is involved, a large insurance policy and business assets are likely involved. If an individual caused your head injury, you may be dealing with policy limits and insurance coverage.

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