Brain Injuries

New Jersey Brain Injury Lawyers

A closed-head injury can be one of the most challenging types of personal injury cases. On the one hand, a brain injury victim very likely suffers from complications such as migraine-like headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentrating, personality changes and/or memory loss.

From our offices in Manasquan and Brick, NJ, Kitrick, McWeeney & Wells, LLC, represents brain injury victims throughout New Jersey. Our clients suffered head injuries in car accidents, boating accidents, slip-and-falls on ice and snow or defective stairways and construction accidents. Our experience, knowledge and commitment to personalized legal services offer clients the quality of representation that they need after a serious accident.

A ‘Mild’ Head Injury is Often Not so mild

Except in the most severe cases, however, the injuries may appear less severe to other people than they actually are. Once swelling has subsided, doctors, therapists, family members and especially insurance claims adjusters may assume that the brain injury victim is “all better now.” Meanwhile, the brain injury victim may find it difficult to impossible to carry on with life as it was before the accident. The injured person may be unable to work as before, or at all. He or she may not be able to resume leisure activities or assume a normal role in a family or community.

Sometimes a Brain Injury Means a Lost Brain Functions, Coma or Vegetative State

In more severe traumatic brain injury cases, on the other hand, an accident victim may have lost important brain functions such as speech, bladder or bowel control or fine muscle control. The person may walk with a limp and/or be confined to a chair most of the time. There may be seizures or strokes. In the worst case scenario, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) patient may be in a coma or a vegetative state for a long time or permanently.

Legal Advice Is Important for a Brain Injury Victim

Wherever a brain injury falls on the spectrum of bad to worse, it is important to get legal counsel as soon as possible. Our personal injury lawyers can discover the cause of an accident and help the injured person bring a claim or lawsuit against negligent parties. Monetary resources will give the brain-injured person many more options for a satisfactory recovery.

After Suffering a Concussion, Contact a New Jersey Brain Injury Attorney

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