Boat Accidents

New Jersey Boat Accident Lawyers

In the New Jersey Shore region, boating accidents often occur in bodies of water such as:

  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • The Manasquan River
  • Barnegat Bay
  • The Shrewsbury River

As you grapple with challenges brought on by your serious or catastrophic personal injury after a boating accident, you need top-notch medical care as well as experienced legal counsel. Legal representation can be every bit as critical to your recovery as physical therapy or rehabilitation. A knowledgeable boating accident attorney can help ensure that you identify and pursue all available financial resources to help fund your recovery.

Time matters after a boating accident or any accidental injury. There is no substitute for a prompt inquiry into all verifiable facts related to the boat accident. An experienced and skillful New Jersey boat accident lawyer can help increase the likelihood that you will recover appropriate compensation after a boating accident.

A boating accident along the Jersey Shore is like any other type of traffic accident in several ways. Drunk boating may be a factor. Inattentive boating is another common reason for an accident. It is important to undertake a prompt investigation to discover whether another party’s negligence caused the accident or worsened injuries. There may be a personal injury claim against another boater or a third party such as a marine docking business or a maintenance company. You may have a product liability claim against a manufacturer in the case of a wave runner or personal watercraft accident.

On the other hand, a boating accident often has unique aspects that are best handled by a lawyer with plenty of experience representing people injured in the water. Your New Jersey boating accident attorney should fully understand the role of admiralty and maritime laws in your case.

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