Bus Accidents

New Jersey Bus Accident Lawyers

New Jersey is a densely populated state. Fast-paced commerce and continuous movement of people and goods lead to traffic congestion. Crowded roadways in turn often create hazardous or risky driving conditions. Commuters and people going about their daily business must share the road with commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses, setting the scene for crashes from time to time.

Bus Accidents Involving Passengers, Pedestrians, Motorists or Motorcyclists

In the case of a bus accident, it is important to remember that each passenger (or pedestrian, bicyclist or occupant of another vehicle) has a unique personal injury claim. Bus companies tend to make early offers of compensation that may be less than what is needed to cover expenses and losses. Bus passengers or other accident victims may be tempted to accept cash in hand as soon as possible. This may not be in your best interests if you were injured or lost a loved one in a bus crash.

Our lawyers urge bus accident victims to be careful about accepting such offers. It costs nothing to discuss your school bus, city bus, Greyhound bus or private charter bus accident case with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. It is especially important to get legal advice before participating in any discussions with insurance claims adjusters or signing any waivers.

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