Michael D. Schaller, Esq. Featured on The American Law Journal TV Program

Date: June 27, 2023

In 2014, Michael D. Schaller, Esq. was a featured guest on the TV program The American Law Journal, where he lent his experience as a criminal defense lawyer and former Major and Chief of Staff of the New Jersey State Police.

The episode “Search & Seizure / Car Stops: A ‘New’ Fourth Amendment for a New Generation?” discussed Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure. The episode aired after a recent Pennsylvania State Supreme Court ruling that granted law enforcement the ability to search vehicles for probable cause without a warrant, in line with the federal standard adopted by the U.S. Supreme Court. As relevant then as it is now, Schaller claimed that state and federal courts continue to grapple with what constitutes “probable cause” to justify police actions.

The panel also discussed car stops, police misconduct, racial profiling, race relations, police brutality, police department militarization, cell phone searches, body camera footage, and police accountability.

You can watch the full episode here:

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