Researchers tracking motorcycles to help riders stay safe

Date: April 20, 2023
Motorcycle Lying on the Road

Though riding a motorcycle has a lot of benefits, the activity does pose many risks that other vehicle drivers do not experience. Motorcycle riders are exposed to the elements of nature much more than drivers behind the wheel of a car. This exposure, combined with a motorcycle’s compact size, puts motorcycle riders at higher risk for accidents and injuries.
A recent New Jersey motorcycle accident highlights just how dangerous crashes can be. In early January, a 22-year-old Berkley man was seriously injured after his motorcycle collided with a pickup truck. He was listed in critical condition, and his motorcycle was totaled. The man was airlifted to a local hospital while investigators worked to discover more details related to the crash.

Sadly, crashes like this are all too common. In an effort to address this problem, researchers are trying to come up with new ways to keep motorcycle riders safe.

Cameras on motorcycles
In one such study, researchers at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute are analyzing motorcycle driving patterns in order to help develop new ways to train future riders. The organization placed cameras on more than 100 motorcycles, looking to gain insight into GPS information, speed and how close the motorcycle gets to other cars on the road. The data is recorded onto a hard drive, which acts like a black box on a plane and is protected in the event of an accident.

After a year, the data on all of the motorcycles will be analyzed. Along with training improvement, the information from the cameras can give insight into how each driver avoided crashes and may even provide evidence of what went wrong during a crash. Determining fault in an accident could also be possible with the use of the new technology.

Working with a personal injury attorney
Motorcycle accidents are extremely dangerous and can result in a variety of severe impairments, such as spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injuries. These types of injuries can drastically life not only for accident victims, but for their families as well. Broken bones, burns and severe road rash are also common consequences of a serious motorcycle accident.

When motorcycle accidents are caused by another person’s negligence, New Jersey law gives injured victims the right to seek financial compensation in personal injury lawsuits.

Injured motorcyclists have the best chances of protecting their rights if they consult with an experienced New Jersey personal injury attorney soon after the crash. The attorney will be able to analyze the details of the accident to help determine if another party is at fault. If so, they can work with the victim to help them hold the negligent driver accountable.