What Types of Damages Can I Recover After a Car Accident?

Date: August 29, 2023

When you have been injured in a car accident caused by someone else, they may have to pay for all your damages. A car accident can cause harm beyond what comes out of your pocket. You should hire an experienced car accident lawyer to help pursue compensation in your case.

Car accident damages broadly break down into the following:

  • Economic damages represent your actual costs in terms of money you had to spend or could not earn.
  • Non-economic damages represent the experience you have had to endure since the accident and will continue to endure in the future.

Here are some elements that are encompassed in car accident compensation:

  • Medical expenses, including the initial care for your injuries and any follow-up care.
  • Medications and medical equipment.
  • Lost wages for the time you miss from work and any reduction in your earning capacity.
  • Pain and suffering for both the physical discomfort and the mental anguish that you are suffering.
  • Emotional distress that you suffered from the car accident.

Punitive damages are extremely rare in a car accident case. The insurance company will not pay them as part of your settlement, and a jury will rarely award them when the case is based on negligence.

How to Obtain Compensation for Your Car Accident Injuries

After a car accident, you generally have two primary options to collect damages:

  • You can file a claim with the insurance company.
  • You can sue the driver directly in a lawsuit.

Every car accident claim has the potential to be a fight because the insurance company does not immediately offer you full payment for your injuries. Your attorney may need to negotiate and pressure the insurance company.

Your Lawyer Will Estimate Your Car Accident Damages

As an individual claimant, you would likely not know how much your case may be worth without legal help. It takes experience and detailed knowledge of the legal process to estimate car accident damages accurately. If you do not know how much your claim is worth when you file it, you may end up with less than you should get. One of the significant reasons you hire an experienced attorney is that they tell you how much you should potentially get in a settlement. Your lawyer would review the documentation you provide and your situation to determine a number for a settlement.

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