How to File an Uber Accident Insurance Claim

Date: October 23, 2023
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Uber accidents share some key similarities and differences with other personal injury cases. The same general principles apply as you must prove liability and deal with an insurance company.  These same insurance companies make quite a bit of money from the business they get from rideshare companies.

However, there are different considerations. In nearly all cases, you cannot sue Uber directly for your car accident injuries. Instead, you will deal with the insurance company. To file a claim, you need the help of an experienced attorney.

One of the first things you need to do after an Uber accident is file an accident report. You must report the accident to law enforcement, and a police officer will write a report.

After you get medical attention, you must also report the accident to the insurance companies. You would give them key details about the accident. You should be very careful about communicating with the Uber driver’s insurance company. Even if you were a passenger, you must be very careful about anything you would say. You should not try to communicate with their insurance company on your own. Instead, your attorney should handle that for you.

Carefully Consider Any Settlement Offers Before Accepting

Not every settlement offer is necessarily good. Some offers may show you how far you have to go to get all the money you deserve. There is rarely a situation where you should ever accept the first settlement offer that you receive unless it is for the policy maximum. The insurance company almost always has more room to raise at least their initial offer.

Once you settle a personal injury claim, you cannot come back and ask for more money if and when you learn that you did not get enough. Once you sign a settlement agreement, you have released the insurance company from any further liability concerning your claim.

Contact an Experienced New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer

Uber works with insurance companies that it refers to as “its partners.” The insurance company will rarely offer you everything you deserve at first. You must stand up for your legal rights to get adequate financial compensation.

It is not always easy to deal with insurance companies independently or play by their rules. An experienced lawyer can handle your claim from start to finish, helping you file the accident report and negotiate financial compensation. They will learn what your claim is worth. They may even need to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

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